Tech Warning: About 1 minute in the recording for about 1 minute the sound get a bit rough. It then calms down and continues to be a great show. So Please stick with it!!

In today’s show, I speak to the fabulous Sarah Baker. Sarah owns social media, PR business down in Bath in the SW of Engutting land. Initially, Sarah’s great content drew me in to want to find out more about her and her story. In recent years Sarah’s story has been characterised with a Cancer diagnosis and her fight back to health. I don’t normally put episodes out on a Tuesday but I wanted to get this one out as soon as I could. In light of how the world feels a little like it has fallen apart for many due Corona Virus Pandemic, Sarah has had to deal with her world falling apart and then putting it and her health back together again. This really us a humbling, inspiring and funny chat. What a woman. I’m sure you’ll think so too. Enjoy!

You can contact Sarah via IG/Twitter @sarahfrombath and on Facebook @sarahbakerblogs

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