Sophie East-Scopes first started to turn up in the Bounceagogo feeds about 12 months and I’ve always liked the vibe that underpinned her content so it was great to get on the show and start to find out who the person was behind the content. 

Sophie is a Virtual Assistant, and at first, I wanted to find out exactly what a virtual assistant was. It was a funny point in the interview when she describes how she had to google what a virtual assistant was. Once she realised what it actually was she realised that it was a great fit with her skill set and her Business Studies degree. Although she is a VA work, she has a focus on social media. However, it seems she can (and does) do just about anything that a small business owner is struggling to get done or fit in. 

It was great meeting Sophie and finally start to get to know the person behind the content. 

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