This week I sit down with Sandra Strachan (AKA Lady Wimbledon) the founder and owner of Bombshell Consulting, a digital media agency based in Wimbledon, London. 

This the second interview that I have now done with Sandra. In comparison, this is a complete contrast to that last time we spoke. During this time of lockdown, life is completely different for us all. As such, it has been great to catch up with her to see how she has been coping and getting her take on the state of digital media and how marketing may well change post covid. 

I really admired and respected Sandra before this interview and all this interview did enhance my view of her!

You can follow Sandra Twitter @eyesofladyw, or use the hashtag #LadyWimbledon or Instagram @eyesofladywimbledon 

Also, check out Bombshell Consulting and the Lady Wimbledon site! 

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